why buy at illuminitaly

Illuminitaly was born from the desire of Owner Roberto to illuminate your properties with a piece of Italian art in the form of a lighting fixtures made of ceramic, wrought iron and brass. 


At Illuminitaly you will find some of the best manufacturer of Italian ceramic lightings that have passed their passion and knowledge of this ancient material from fathers to sons and which today are still working the ceramic the traditional method.

If you are wondering why buy from Illuminitaly, maybe you had not ordered from an Italian manufacturer before! They are very talented artisans that are extremely good at their job but usually organized as a family business, with lots of requests to handle, from all over the globe. With Illuminitaly you just put the order in and all the rest of the job with the “Italians” will be on us!

Consider also the following:

  • Prices are in US $ with no conversion because Illuminitaly is a US business with a US bank account, so also your wire transfer is cheaper! Furthermore you can pay PayPal or with your Credit Card through Stripe at no additional costs. 
  • The Sanford location is (unfortunately) just for mailing purpose, we are in Italy and have the advantage to better supervise your order with the manufacturers and better relate with them.
  • Most of the Italian manufacturers use for their shipping very expensive freight forwarder, while is the primary goal of Illuminitaly to cut on those costs with Crono Internazionale, a service offered by Poste Italiane, that allow us to ship up to 30kg to the US and Worldwide at very affordable fees (some restrictions may apply for larger items)
  • Illuminitaly webstore does not have agents or other middleman to pay, we are the only passage between you and the manufacturer allowing us to offer jaw-dropping prices!