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Invoice Number INV-0005
Invoice Date March 28, 2018
Due Date April 17, 2018
Total Due $42,630.00

Dear Mr Malikk

please find herein the invoice for your order. These items are fully customizable in color of the ceramic and metal frame finishing. If you wish to make any channge please advice.

For this order you have Free Shipping to the address in Dubai. No VAT applied to international order.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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3 03613/5LPR_H Ceramic and Iron Chandelier with open Roses and Hearts

5 lights Chandelier with ceramic Roses and Hearts Frame: Iron painted White Ceramic Hearts Lily Ceramic Roses Lily Lampshades: 5x IM 28 pleated white with bow ø 5,9” Lighting: 5xE17 Dimension: Height 21,6 (chain excluded) – Width 22,8”

3 50017/8LP Ceramic and Iron Chandelier with Roses and Leaves

8 lights Ceramic and Iron Chandelier
Frame: Iron painted Aged Silver
Roses and leaves: Ceramic White
Lampshades: IM 30 Organza with Swarowsky ø 5,5”
Lighting: 8x E17
Dimensions: Width 39,4” – Height 38,2” (chain excluded)
Iron Ceiling Rose: ø 6,3”

3 41124/22LP 22 lights Ceramic and Iron Chandelier with Roses

22 lights Chandelier with ceramic Roses
Frame: Iron painted Gold
Ceramic Roses: Aged White
8 Lampshades: IM 18 5,5” Laminated Gold, + 4 Lampshades: IM 18 6,3” Laminated Gold
Lighting: 12 x E17 – 10 x G9
Dimensions: Width 41,3” – Height 39,4”
Chain Lenght 39,4”

Sub Total $42,630.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $42,630.00

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