For over 60 years I.M.A.S. Firenze has been producing dream Lighting Fixtures for its clients around the world. The strenght core of the production is the ability to customize any single piece to create unique items based upon customer desire.

At IlluminItaly we have decided to guide you through this process so you will understand how we work and what can be done or not. Please read the following article and go through the other customization pages before you start ordering your products. Everything is explained in simple words so to make you aware that what I.M.A.S. Firenze creates might have some slight defects which are the result of hand crafting every piece of ceramic, wrought iron and manually carving, painting and molding the Lighting Fixtures.

How we create your piece of art

Dear IlluminItaly customer,

Before you start diving into the site to order your lighting fixtures we ask you to follow this guide to understand how we work and explain the items codes and structure so you can clearly understand what you are purchasing. However feel free to give us a call or send an e-mail with your questions and special requests. We are here to fully support you in buying your lighting fixtures.

To start we need to state that every piece that compose our items is hand made, from the ceramic plates  to the iron and brass structures and all the decor and painting finishing is also done from expert hands. Carving, open-work and ceramic applications are also made piece by piece with absolute care. Roses, Leaves, Sunflowers, Tulips….and much more.

First thing you need to understand is the production cycle that is clearly explained in the section Shipping & Handling. However you will read this later. The creation of a piece of art at I.M.A.S. strats with the ceramic. We use first quality clay to produce the many ceramic parts that compose our items such as plates, bells, celing rose, counterwights etc.

After we continue building our lightings with the choice of the structures (Frame). Our partner has been producing the stuctures to support our items since day one. We have several frame to choose that in our website give the codes to the items. For example item 35932_5L20 is named after frame 35932 and all relative articles have the same code to be identified as same line of products. But also the ceramic line works in the same way, so for example item 35932 is related to the iron or brass structure but also the item 00050 or 50033 are named after the ceramic structure (Cup or Bell) as well. Since we have introduced the item code we will now see how it is composed. We just said that the structure gives the title ti The items. In the above case we also have 5L20, so 5L stands for 5 Lights and 20 stands for the plate size (20cm.). We know now that items 35932 has 5 lights and plates of 20 cm. of diameter. If the items was a sconce it would read 35932/A, where A stands for Applique (wall sconce). Letter P is for Lampshade (Paralume) meaning the items have lampshades. R stands for ceramic Roses, B stands for Lamp Base (Base Lampada) and identify a Table Lamp. PI is used for Floor Lamps (Piantana).  The number 54 refers to the brass plates.

There are two types of structures Brass and Wrought Iron. The Iron can be painted in different colours and shades. Check the available painting at the strutture finishing page. The Brass structure can be painted but we don’t suggest doing it because if it is true that Brass last longer it would be a shame to cover the Aged Brass color obtained by IMAS artisans. This is done by soaking the brass piece many time into an acid solution. We have set in our website some combination of structures color with ceramic pieces and lampshades that best fits, however the choice is yours, to your taste. Just tell us how you like it and we will upload it into the website for you to purchase. We will only stop you when something is unrealizable.

So now that we have the ceramic pieces, we have to decide how do we want the ceramic to look. There are  ceramic base colours and styles, ceramic decòr and ceramic plate type/size.

The decòr of the ceramic can be divided in 3 groups: Base Ceramic Color, Unicolor Finishing and Drawing Decòr.

The Base ceramic color is obtained by dipping the Bisque piece in the desired enamel and fired again so to reach the glossy look. To create the Craquele effect the item Bisque is decorated and then dipped in Crystaline Paint (any color) ater which it can be fired. While cooling down the paint starts cracking. The cracked items is than dippend in black color which enters into the cracks. The cracks are in this way highlighted.

Unicolor finish are The Sand effect, White Pepper, Red Coral and Blue Marine. They ALL have special procedures to obtain them

The Drawing decòr is applied after the ceramic is dipped into the desired base. The ceramic then is fired fixing the decòr.

A different approach is used when making the Etrusco decor. The etrusco decor is applied on the dried out clay form, sprayied with acid and then fired Bisque. The decòr is then re-applied on the piece of ceramic. This type of decòr is obviously more delicate being painted cold.

Carving and open-working the ceramic is manually done when the ceramic is still fresh and workable. With years of experience the Cucuzza’s are able to produce any carving desired and open-work the ceramic with many patterns. This is a very time consuming step but it is also what makes even better looking the Lighting Fixtures we create.

Next we take a look at the types of Applications. There are many hand made applications to decòr your lighting fixture. They can be applied to Table Lamp, walls Sconces and Chandeliers. Sunflowers, Tulips, Fruit, Roses, Leaves, Hearts and Drops are all made piece by piece manually and then mounted on the ceramic base. Some are applyed directly on the fresh clay before firing and others are individually fired and then mounted with screws.

So now we have all the pieces that compose our item and we need to assemble everything. We use braided wire in different color to match the ceramics, our locking ring to fix the ceramic plates and bells are also embedded in ceramic. All the Lighting Fixtures are assembled, tested and dismounted for packing. We use cardboard box for packing and special care in wrapping all the items, but for details on this procedure please read the section Shipping and Handling.